About Parcel Lanka

Parcel.lk is committed to the mission of offering a quality service for everybody.

We are a close knit bunch at Parcel.lk and we came together to form Parcel.lk due to one simple reason. We love having fun and when work is fun what’s not to like?

Not too long ago we felt that from our own experience that there was a clear deficiency of quality courier services in Sri Lanka. We were let down time and again. Late deliveries, damaged good and prices so astronomical it would make no sense for us to use a courier. Sure, there were many big names in the industry who are still there today but none of them cared enough for the customers.

At parcel.lk, this is precisely what we will change. You will not find any of the above lethargies at Parcel.lk. Instead, what you will find is “on time deliveries”, “Insurance for your goods” and “affordability” coupled with a level of customer service you will no doubt appreciate.

The Story so far, Chapter one….

Our story begins in a time not too long ago when we had to use courier services almost on a daily basis. It was so much that we had to use the services it almost felt like the only job we were doing was being on the phones with these companies arguing for hours on end. Finally, we had enough. We knew that this was not the way to go and Sri Lanka could and should do better. Thus we set about making the first truly customer centric courier service in Sri Lanka. Today with launch of parcel.lk, we are very nearly there.

Behind the scenes, slowly yet steadily we have established the mechanisms in place to offer quality, affordable and an on time delivery service. We have tied up with many local and international partners giving us the chance to serve your needs more easily and more effectively.

We have expanded our team to cover the entirety of Sri Lanka and most of the countries around the world. The whole of our team share a common goal and that is to deliver happiness to your doorstep.

Let us now write the next chapters of our future.

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